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British Comedy Podcast who loves to comically moan about ”#Codswallop/Sh*t”, Movie Reviews, Weird Stories of the Week & producing MANY laughs.

December 23, 2021

198. Happy Festivus

In the words of George Costanza, Happy Festivus everyone. Not sure who George Costanza is, don't worry nor did Gemma until a few months ago, but James explains all in the week's festive LAST OF THE YEAR episode. Gemma and James discuss how other countries celebrate Christmas, KFC anyone? The Salty Tadpoles let us all know which Christmas song they would like to fly to the moon, not feeling Christmassy? Don't fear, James and Gemma still manage to find stuff to moan & laugh about, especially as they are recording far earlier than Gemma would have liked. Grrrr James! :p 

End music by Sean Faust - A Time for Christmas (NSFW) 

Sean wrote this song 25 years ago when he was working in retail and Gemma LOVES it. Very funny, very brilliant, but definitely not one for the boss to hear (so perfect for Talking Codswallop Podcast). To find out more about Sean, please throw a couple of pounds/dollars his way here: 

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