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British Comedy Podcast who loves to comically moan about ”#Codswallop/Sh*t”, Movie Reviews, Weird Stories of the Week & producing MANY laughs.

October 31, 2021

190. Shaun of the Dead - Halloween Special 2021


James this week is joined by two special gorgeous guests. You will know who they are, but remember James has goldfish brain. This week's movie review is 2004's cult classic Shaun of the Dead. Lots of laughter, random chat for the first 20 minutes, basically a typical Talking Codswallop episode in the form of Celluloid Codswallop. Gemma (whoops, gave a guest away) tries to guess who Jasper Carrot's daughter is, after a 5 minute conversation about the actress she said, Gemma, James and wait for it.... Joanne (Surprise) realise they are all talking about someone different. That's just a small hit as to what to expect from this episode. Anyone wishing to watch this episode along with the podcast, we say... Good luck. 

We at Talking Codswallop hope you enjoy this episode as much as we had recording it. Grab hold of your sides, delve into the sweeties/popcorn and join us on this crazy, bonkers journey. 

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