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British Comedy Podcast who loves to comically moan about ”#Codswallop/Sh*t”, Movie Reviews, Weird Stories of the Week & producing MANY laughs.

August 22, 2021

180. SqueeF3st

CROSS OVER PODCAST time. This week Gemma & James are joined by Squee from the Doctor Squee Podcast/Radio show. We discuss Squee's upcoming event; SqueeF3st which is a 24 hour live video podcast which Talking Codswallop has the honour to be involved with. Why have o2 pissed off Gemma? Why can't James buy lightbulbs? Does James ONLY say profound things? Does Dog Poo roll? All this and more, so what are you waiting for... download and listen today! 

Doctor Squee's Socials 

@DoctorSquee on twitter and instagram, www.FB.me/TheDoctorSqueeShow for Facebook,  YouTube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaD0jVP-ohhvWTm4eoZ4uA , www.Twitch.Tv/DoctorSquee for twitch.

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