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British Comedy Podcast who loves to comically moan about ”#Codswallop/Sh*t”, Movie Reviews, Weird Stories of the Week & producing MANY laughs.

August 8, 2021

178. New Mic…. Who Dis?

This week Gemma has a special, mysterious guest with her... Oh OK! It's James.. He's BACK BABY!!! :) 

Check out the random "Codswallop" we talk about tapes (yes, those old things that were out before CD's (in the "olden days")... and yes, CD's came before MP3 players) returning from the dead, #SaltyTadpoleInteractions with their Mythological creatures, #Codswallop's and much more laughs along the way. Clear those bladders before listening to this episode, you might find you laugh so hard a little bit of wee wee comes out. 

Shout outs this week: Melissa from The Brook Reading Podcast & The Doctor Squee Show and of course, you lovely Tadpoles who look part with the #SaltyTadpoleInteraction. 

To find out more information about the charity 24 hour LIVE Squeef3st, visit @DoctorSquee on Twitter & Instagram or visit Iain's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDoctorSqueeShow. More special guests to be announced soon..

IF this is your first time listening to Talking Codswallop, please can we ask you to follow Talking Codswallop on Facebook, Instagram + Twitter @CodswallopPod. REMEMBER TO CLICK SUBSCRIBE to the podcast to get all of the up to date episodes. We love our current audience, but we are always looking to grow. #IndiePodcastsNeedYourHelp!!! 

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